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Functional Movement THE SQUAT

This is one of my favourite functional movements and it is a great exercise and is really easy to perform.

Best of all it is a compound exercise which means that it challenges muscles from your core and lower body when performing the movement.

The squat forms a foundation of many movements that we do throughout the day such as

picking something heavy up from the ground and the basic movement of sitting down and standing up

Some benefits of performing squats

Increase your flexibility

Increase your bone and muscle strength.

Causes hypertrophy of the hip, thigh and calf which may help prevent sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) as we age

May prevent dynapenia ( loos of muscle strength) by strengthening the legs and hips

Performing squats regularly should be part of your general exercise routine due to their positive effects on everyday movements

Here is a HOW TO video from personal trainer Zoe.

And a very big thank you to Zoe from ZZ fitnezz for taking the time to record this video for you. Here is a link to her Facebook and Instagram @ zzfitnezz.


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