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My Vision
To raise the standard of men's health across the nation using real food as a foundation to improve your health.   
Lets keep it simple the truth is... 
Men don't look after themselves they struggle with the day to day grind
They need a guide~ to show them the path
They need a plan~ to keep them accountable 
They need to change their story so they can win the day 
My philosophies
  • "Just eat real food" - We begin by focusing on adding nutrient dense foods.
  • We work together to find the root cause of your health issue, then we create a plan to change it. This may include additional functional testing/ pathology and the use of various nutritional supplements to correct any deficiencies.  
What does a consultation look like?
Personal health is like a puzzle and to complete it I need to gather the right fitting pieces. Everyone has a different puzzle with different shaped pieces. 
I start with an initial three appointments for new clients.
This allows the time to gather a health history from you, and organise any additional testing required, such as pathology or functional testing.
We start making some small changes to your diet and lifestyle from the first appointment. By the third appointment I can combine test results with your personal health needs and goals to move forward with your individualised care plan.
Where can you find me? 
I am located on the Mornington Peninsula and am available on Saturday through to Monday via Zoom or phone please get in contact to discuss. 
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